Property List

Availability Calendar Management

ACM Version: 1.1.1

Help for ACM (availability Calendar and Booking)

** Availabilty Calendar is displayed for information only if owner or a guest is not logged in.
** Owner or a registered guest must log in to activate availability calendar and booking form.
** After owner log in, the booking form is displayed to add new booking.
** To update existing booking or print invoice for existing booking click on a booking day in the calendar to display booking data for update or print invoice.
** To print invoice direcly from the address bar of the browser you must know owner number, property number, and booking date in thr form yyyy-mm-dd. write the url address in the browser address bar: http://domain_name/print_invoice.php?ownert_isn=on&property_isn=pn&date=yyyy-mm-dd
** The owner of properties may allow vistors of the site to book a property owned by him.
** Vistors in this case can register them selves as guests and make booking to any property owned by the owner who grants them this right.
** The booking status will be pending until confirmed by the owner.
** The prices are alway per night except the basic price.
** The additional extra persons price is multiplied by the number of nights.
** The total options price is also mutiplied by number of nights.
** the number of nights is the diffrence between departure and arrival dates in days.