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Availability Calendar Management

ACM Version: 1.1.1

Help for Home (Property List)

** ACM is an internet appliucation developed by Helal Software
** ACM is used for booking properties like Appartement, Chalet, House, Vella, Celeberation Hall, Meeting room Tranning Room, ... erc.
** There are three types of users of ACM application.
** (1) Administrator: register owners of properties.
** (2) Owner: defines their owned properties and reserve properties for guests.
** (3) Guest: book a proprty for a specified period.
** Property Owners should contact ACM administrator to be registered as owner of properties.
** Administrator email address:
** The owner of properties defines their properties for booking.
** The owner my request online booking by visitors of the site, or may prohibit visitors from online booking.
** Vistors online booking is considered pending booking untill confirmed by owners.

** Click on the question mark to display the details of the property.
** Click on the property name to display the calendar and booking form.